The Empiricist – 1er reportaje – Scammers of love – Las estafadoras del amor – Мошенники любви

El primer reportaje del empirista, se lo dedicamos a las estafadoras de internet, que sacan dinero a pobres corazones solitarios , que creyendo tener suerte por una vez en la vida , se encuentran nuevamente con el corazón roto y con menos dinero en la cuenta bancaria.

The first program of the empiricist, we dedicate it to internet scammers, she take money from one poor lonely heart, he believe to be lucky for once in his life and he back with his broken heart and with less money in the bank account.

Первая программа эмпирика, мы посвящаем его в интернете мошенники, она брать деньги с одного бедного одинокого сердца, он верит, чтобы быть счастливым на этот раз в его жизни и он вернулся со своим разбитым сердцем и с меньшим количеством денег на банковском счете. -Мошенники любви .

Hemos contactado con una estafadora de internet en una web de busquedas de pareja y la hemos seguido el juego hasta ver conseguir que nos pida dinero.

Carta 1:


Hello Alberto! I am very glad to meet you. You seem to me that very
goodperson. I wish to learn you better, it is important for me. Please
tell me more about you and your life. I will also tell you about
myself. At first I wish to apologise for my not a prompt reply. I have
no Internet in my house. Yes, it is really sorry .. I have an Internet
only on work. Within the working day I can use the computer and write
to you. It is more convenient for me.

I think, that you have many questions to me. I will try, describe
myself. I do not know that speaks to you in The beginning. Well, let’s
try! I want that you named me Gulnaz. As you already know from my
profile to me of 28 years. My height approximately – 170 centimetres.
My weight – 61 kg.

I live in Russia, in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. You heard about
it? I think that is not present. Naberezhnye Chelny small city in
Russia. You can on the Internet to learn more about my city.

I am very serious in mine intentions, and I do not wish to make a
wrong choice.I wish to be fair with you Alberto, promise to me to be
fair to me. The most important for us now this trust to each other. I
hope that you are serious to me. I already in current of 15 months am
in loneliness. I have got tired to be in loneliness and I wish to have
serious relations. We are two persons who wish to meet someone for
serious relations. I am right? We should try to know better each other
but if you do not want, it is your choice.

It is a little about me. I have higher education. I have begun my
education in high school, in Naberezhnye Chelny. After I have left
school, I have arrived on Economic Faculty, Technical University. I
have finished it 3 years ago. Now I work as the bookkeeper in small
firm. I Occupied in financial affairs of our firm. I work here not So
long time, approximately 8 months.

I really would like to know your interests, your race, a hobby? Tell
to me little bit more about you. I also will tell to you It is more
about me in the following letter. I send you my pictures. I hope my
letter Will not break you. I will wait for your letter and your
picture with Impatience. But if you are not interested, write me some
words. It is important For me.

There can be your new friend Gulnaz.

Carta 2:


Hello Alberto!

I am very glad to receive the letter from you today. I – very much
Happy, that you still wish to write to me. Thanks! I am glad to speak
with you. Your country seems to me very interesting and completely
another than our. I like Spain and I want to go there one day.

Alberto, as you already know, that I work as the bookkeeper. Our firm is
named «Vse dlya Glavbuha». I am occupied in calculation of financial
charges, Expenses of this firm, various debuts, credits. In general
all accounts department. I hope you Understand about that I speak. We
live the distant… It is very big distance for both of us. But it The
distance only seems big. It at all does not frighten me. It seems to
me Very interesting. You do not think so? I first have acquaintance in
other country. Now I wish to tell to you about me directly. I was
never married, and I wish to marry. What do I search in the person?
Most of all – friendship. I do not like to argue, altercate in various
cases. I need someone who is fair and can take care of me. The most
important parts of relations – Love, trust and communication. But,
without trust other two things have no value. You agree with me?

I think, that you wish to ask a question, «why I search for the man in
other country». The first… Men here in Russia do not respect and do
not appreciate women.They change and deceive women. Yes Alberto
There are also good men in Russia, but unfortunately they almost
all are already married.

The second… I wish to marry abroad as I am interested in my future.
I think that Russia not the best country. If I have possibility to
leave from here during the best life I will make it. I will leave
Russia. I wish to have usual, a quiet life. I have find near to me
man. My dream is family creation. I think that it dream everyone
girls. And how about your dream?

I never saw my parents. My parents have left me in children’s home
when to me there were 8 months. I have no relatives, at least I did
not know them. It is unpleasant for me to recollect my childhood. I
grew in a shelter, where Lack of parental heat… I know, how it is
difficult not to have relatives. So I Ready to give to my future
husband and children all. They will not be lonely because I will
surround with their heat and love.

I like to travel on foot in wood, I very much love the nature. My
favourite season is summer, winter. In the winter I go on skis and I
skate. All it distract me from everyday problems. And what you like to
make, when you have a free time? My hobby if probably – English
language. I learn English language during long time when I went to
school. The training program necessarily includes a foreign language
in Russia, as a Rule – English language, or the German language. I
have entered group of English language. I have studied it on courses
not so long ago. I am still happy, that I have made it. I like this
language. After school, I continued to study English language at
university. I know, that now I commit errors, but I hope, that you
will understand me. I spent a lot of time to write this letter. I need
to work now. I wait your answer Alberto. I Have many ideas, but I do not
wish to hurry up. I send to you, my pictures,

Your friend Gulnaz.

Carta 3:


Hi Aberto! How are you ? I hope, that you were happy to receive my
letter. Because, when I receive your letter, I was happy. Many thanks
to you. Aberto It is a pity to me that I have no computer in my house.
Therefore I regret, if i not so have quickly answered your letter.

I wish to tell to you my daily routine. I work since Monday till
Saturday. My working day begins in 8 am and comes to an end in 5 pm.
In 1 pm I have a lunch break. I go to a dining room to drink a cup of
coffee and to have a bite. When I have a free time from work, I try to
answer your letters.

My monthly income – 11500 roubles, it approximately 370 USD $. I need
to pay for rent of apartment it about 190 dollars. For the remained
180 dollars I should live in a current of month. My fellow workers
very good people. It is the most important for me. We very quickly
have found the general interests. To me like to work here with these

Now I have found you Aberto. I – am very happy. I tried to find love
and happiness here in Russia, But I felt lie. We have a proverb in
Russia: the Bitter truth is better than Sweet lie. I think, that you
are a fair person. Whether I am valid is right? I hope!

I have already told you, that my parents have left me in children’s
home. My childhood was difficult. It was very lonely without parents.
But it has made me more strong. Now I have a good life, I have
friends. I rent my apartment. I pay for it. I have no possibility Buy
apartment. It is very expensive to me. To have my own apartment I
should work 10-15 years! It is very difficult to live one. I can hope
only for me directly. But Sometimes I so wish to feel a strong
shoulder of man… Yes, I want the real man For family creation.
Aberto, I have the most serious intentions. Therefore I am very happy,
that have met you. To me our dialogue is very pleasant. These days I
Very much I wait for your letters. It helps me to distract from all
problems. Thanks you.

I hope that to you was pleasant to teach a good lesson my letter. I
wished to tell to you about my life. You should know about it. I do
not wish anything to hide from you. I am completely open for you.
Please ask me if you have any questions … I do not always know what
to tell you. I try to tell you all about my life. But in a letter not
to tell my whole life. I will try to record a video for you. Please
send me more your photos. Now I should finish my letter. I wait with
alarm your answer. Also I want, ask you: Whether it is valid What is
your favorite food? I love to cook! I would like to discuss it with
you in the following letter. Take care. The hope to speak with you is

Yours the friend Gulnaz!

carta 4:

Hello dear Aberto. I am very happy to see your letter, and I
think, That you will be happy to see my also. I am always very happy,
to receive your letters. on my face smile ,when I see your letter.

Today I would like to speak with you about food.As I have already told
to you in the last letter I like to cook!
If I did not work as the bookkeeper, possibly I was the cook :-).
Cookery – the health basis. I know many recipes Dishes. I love tasty
and healthy foodstuff. Yes, the food should be useful for Health, it
is very important. Aberto, I very much love Various dishes. When I come
home, I go at once on kitchen and I start to prepare something tasty.
Mhh… I very much love those moments when my friends come to me. I
try to cook Any various delicacies from fish, various kinds of meat.
Also I Very much I like to bake pies. Aberto, you know, what is «the
Russian pies»? You should try it sometime… I hope, That I will
sometime cook the Russian pie for you. 😉 All my friends during long
time appreciated it. I have started to cook, when I was 9 years old,
in a shelter. I Helped our cooks on kitchen. They have learnt me
almost to all. I am very grateful to them for it. But nobody can
estimate it, except my friends. I very much love my friends. Now YOU
in my life… You my friend Also. I can so think? I very much would
like, to think that You my FRIEND. I really want The learn you to
speak with you. Possibly it Is very sincere now, but it is true, and I
do not wish to hide it.

I very much like to dream. I am a dreamer…. I do not know well it or
is bad. Actually dreams are carried out Not always. If it happens, You
should make everything to reach this purpose. But it is often – it is
impossible. Not All in this life depends on us. Destiny! You trust in
destiny? When You have dream, our lives are filled Sense. The life
becomes more interesting and more various. You begin think, analyze,
choose, and do decisions. And each small victory to your dream brings
the big Pleasure. You remember pleasure of victories and The won
purposes loss and disappointment is better than a pain. It is
surprised, that I write You to all it. Aberto, I never had the person
with Whom I can divide my ideas. But now I have found You, and I am
very happy. Sometime I Would like to leave Russia. But only, I do not
know when! Nobody waits for me There. Aberto, your letters – a unique
thing for me, out of Russia. Your letters – a part of my life now. I
very much would like so to think. And I very much appreciate it. You
became very important for me. Forgive to me for my frankness. If I
offended You anyway, or The caused inconveniences, forgive to me
please. Do not stop write to me. Write me every Day even if I cannot
answer you every day. I will answer you anyhow. Aberto, Your letters
give me forces, and my day is filled by pleasure. Today I am sending
to you my little video. I hope that you enjoy it! My friend helped me
record this in the video, but unfortunately the sound is not audible.I
talked about that I’m very glad to meet you.I miss you! I will look
forward your letter. I wait for your letter.
Yours Gulnaz!

carta 5:

Hello Alberto. This minute I thought of you. I waited this minute to
answer you with impatience. Thanks for your new letter. Now I have
little bit time to write you the letter. Alberto, today I was late for
work. My alarm clock has broken. But my boss Did not see my delay.
Till this time it has not come. I always rise early in the morning.
The rhythm of my life in which I live, compels me to be the morning
person. My alarm clock does not ask me, that is my character.

Your letters become so close to my heart, and I am happy to see them
as child. You write very pleasant letters. Please, write to me every
day, I should know that with you all good. I will be convinced that at
you all well, and I will not worry. With each letter I require you
more and more. It is a pity that we are divided by more distance. I
very much would like to begin a life in your country. Sometime Alberto
Love Is a drug which is able to make mad, but sometimes amusing

I am happy that I have expensive person is YOU Alberto, I have
understood it yesterday. I Has closed my eyes and thought of You. A
wind Carried away my hair and shrouded my body in its cold air. I do
not know why, but I thought, that You are a wind, and You are gentle
Has touched my hair your invisible hands. It seemed to me, that I am
Somewhere about You. And my heart has started to fight as never
before. To me it was very pleasant And I was ready to shout from
happiness. It so so has heated up my mood. Alberto, sometimes I not I
mention it, but sometimes when I come home with good mood, I very much
want to Speak, to divide ideas with the favourite. But my apartment
Empty, and I should be in full loneliness. And my good mood
disappears. I am simple I sit in an armchair, and I look at a window,
or I cook food, I have got tired to be in loneliness.

And when the silence deafens me when I hear as my streams of blood in
my veins, I hear movement My eyelashes, during that moment become is
intolerable, and my heart is compressed. I not I know how to struggle
with it. I can listen to music or read the book. But in some moments I
understand the , that I only deceive me. Actually I want that the
favourite person was near to me, With whom I can spend evening, meet
morning, dream of tomorrow. I wish to go and feel strong And hands of
the man holding me. I do not wish to cook food only for me directly. I
want someone to Will estimate it. Bu tAlberto, it is enough about it. I
should execute my work. I have It is not enough time. I will wait for
your letter. I will wait yours Pleasant words.

Sincerely yours Gulnaz!

Carta 6:


Hello Alberto. I am happy to see your letter today. I dreamt during
my The childhood, and I dream now. Certainly, the world of dreams –
the illusory world. But it – only a thing which I can make.
Now we know little bit more about us. We – know each other only some
days. You Became very much and it is very close to me! I understand
it,when I look forward your letters. Alberto, I very much worry when I
read your letters… My heart fights very quickly! We should be
convinced in Our desires. We should be completely ready to our
meeting. It is very serious Step. I think, what You agree with me? We
should be convinced in each other… Trust – The most important thing
in relations! The second reason does our meeting impossible actually –
money. I have no money for purchase of tickets now. Even Now I do not
plan a meeting, earlier I did not think of it. I do not know that will
be «TOMORROW», we will see… We live in a real life, therefore we
cannot plunge in The world of dreams and long time of imagination.
When the dream becomes obsession, It can bring only a pain and
disappointment. Actually dreams not always Are clear. It happens, when
You use all power, all aspiration to do dream Carried out. But not all
in this life depends on us. When The dream during long time is not
carried out, dream Stops to be that star which will be for you a
beacon at ocean of a life, Which will shine your way. But anyhow
Alberto, I think, that It is impossible to live without dreams and
hopes. When there is a dream, a life It is filled by sense. Dreams
bring a variety During a usual and grey life. Belief and Hope –
eternal companions of our lives. And Regardless of from that that
waits for you in the end. You agree With me? I am surprised, that I
write You all it. I never had the person, With whom I could divide my
thoughts. But now I have found you Alberto,and I am very happy. Forgive
to me for my frankness. If I have told something superfluous forgive
to me please. Alberto,You love, when your friends arrive to your house?
Whether and really You are a quick-tempered person? I have very much a
warm feeling inside from All things about which You have told. What do
You feel, when you think of me? My day Every time when I see e-mail
from You clears up. I will wait yours The letter with impatience.

Gulnaz, waiting you…

carta 7:

Hello dear Alberto! I am very happy to receive your letter today. Was
so Pleasant to see your letter in e-mail. Thanks Alberto, that you do
not forget About me also you write to me. It is very pleasant.
Idea about our possible meeting in the future Does me by the madwoman!
I never could think earlier, that I will have the friend Abroad, such
remarkable person as You Alberto. I think, that we should develop ours
Relations. We will see that will be further.

Sorry in my last letter I forgot to send you my address. Below I will
write it!
Gulnaz Salyakhutdinowa
Gagarina 55 ap 28
Postal 423 800
City Naberezhnye Chelny
If this is an expensive gift, then I think that it is not worth
trusting , because I do not trust our postal system. This gift can be

Thanks Alberto, that you are very attentive to me and also attentively
read My letters. Thanks Alberto For yours of attention. Attention and
care – Very high qualities. Reading Your letters, I see, that You –
not such, as other men… Yours Letters are filled by good feelings
and kindness. I read it, and I feel me absolutely Otherwise. I do not
know how to explain it to You… It always brings to me the big
delightful feelings. I – very much It is happy, what I have met You
Alberto. Warmth and tenderness – only in it I require. It Problem of the
Russian men. The Russian women do all for the man, for Families. But
it does not receive anything from it. Yes, the majority of women
Devote a life to the favourite person. Everything, that is necessary
to the woman – some sensitive words Both contact of his hands, and
understanding…. This thing suffices in our life. Alberto, it is valid
very difficultly? I I think, not so it is difficult to present your
lady romantic evening and a supper With candles. But in Russia, as a
rule, the woman gives such gift, instead of the man… The Russian
woman never feels the HAPPY LADY in its heart. I do not think, that I
am a beautiful lady. The Russian men usually see sexual object in
women. They Think, that the woman should work, prepare and entertain
the man when it wants. To offend the woman – a usual thing for the
Russian men.

I concerned with men certainly.I concerned with men certainly. They
were fine, beautiful, but when I have begun, speak about the serious
Intentions. They leave my life. But only with one person I wanted to
Create family, but the man has deceived me. He slept with other women.
It is difficult to me to recollect it. My soul has been wounded Very
much also it is broken. As I do not want, come back more To this

I should finish my letter. I wish to ask You Alberto, that does You The
happy? What was the best gift which You received from the woman? I am
shy, but I kiss You strong.

With the best relation, sincerely yours Gulnaz!

carta 8:

Hello my dear Alberto. Thanks for Your warm letter. My warm calmness,
when I Has received your letter. I cannot tell to You, that I feel
during that moment. And Every day I hope, that You feel the same as I.
I always dreamt to find someone, who Would be really special for me
who will enter into my life! The one who Understood me. I as the
little girl dream of the man who will force me to smile and burst out
laughing. To whom I can trust, who will never offend me. Alberto If this
is an expensive gift, it is better not to send it to me via mail,
because I’m not sure that I’ll get it. Our postal system is not working
well. If you only insure this package. I do not know when I get
vacation, so I do not plan or anything right now.

Alberto, today I wish to describe to You my usual daily day. Since
morning and Till the night. In 6 am has rung out my alarm clock. I not
so love my alarm clock. 🙂 Each time my head breaks from noise when
the alarm clock starts to call. It was earlier… But last days I
clear up quickly because today I will see yours The fine letter. And
consequently that I saw You in my dream. At 6:05 I enter into a bath
and I THINK Of YOU! I wash and I clean a teeth. At 6:30 I prepare for
a breakfast, As a rule tea or coffee. I warm up food which I have
prepared Yesterday. I drink tea, I watch TV also I THINK Of YOU! At
7:15 I leave my apartment, and I go for my work. I live very far from
my work, anyhow I go by the bus. At 7:55 I go to my office. There for
me my colleagues already wait. If I have possibility, I check my Mail.
If there is no your message, I receive it later. And when Alberto I see
Your letter, always brings it to me so many positive emotions. It does
All my day VERY JOYFUL. It is the most long-awaited moment of my day.
At 8:00 I begin work, and I THINK Of YOU! I think, that I will write
to You Today. I work, and I think over my answer. As I have no
possibility at once Write to You. I should work. Sometimes I have a
lot of work, and I cannot write The letter quickly. My letter for You
should be written with my soul. Therefore it spends a lot of time. The
breakfast at 12:00 begins. We go to a dining room, Which is in a
building nearby. Usually after a dinner I write to You if I did not do
it Earlier. Ohh… I very strongly worry during this moment… My
heart fights more strongly and quickly. This such strange sensation…
At 13:00 I again go to participate in working affairs and I CONSTANTLY
I THINK Of You! In 15:30, I with my colleagues do a small break, we
drink tea. And I again THINK Of YOU! At 17:00 I go home. Sometimes it
happens later, approximately 20.00. I I enter into apartment… There
anybody… Nobody waits for me there… Sometimes I Feel it is very
sad. I change clothes, I take a shower, and I imagine that YOU WITH
me! After that I have small rest. Then I do a supper one. Sometimes to
me I come Friends, but it happen not so often. Sometimes I go for
walk. If not, I do not listen to music, I read the book, I watch TV, I
do various homework. At 22:00 I go to bed. During this moment I THINK
ONLY Of YOU! And during this moment very often I shout… As you – not
with me… But tomorrow I will receive your new letter. And I have
easily fallen asleep, I can be in dream, I will see you.

Well, my most expensive Alberto, I should go now. Only allow me to send
To you a kiss from the Russian woman who thinks of You very often….
I have kissed you Alberto, And I with impatience look forward to hearing
from you.

Gulnaz waits for you.

carta 9:

Hello my most desirable Alberto. I am very happy to receive Your letter
again. Thanks, That You do not forget about me and always continue to
write to me, even if I I can not answer You soon.

I am very happy, that i have met You! Your letters always radiate so a
lot of light in My dark sky. Thanks for Your fine words. Today just as
always I saw You in my dreams again!!! You went to me, but You have
not kissed me. You Only you look and you smile. You place Your hand on
my person and study my eyes. It Feeling of love, but nevertheless You
restrain, do not know what to make. It The remarkable feeling, one of
the satisfaction, one of safety. I felt me very much Strange. I wished
to kiss softly You and to tell to You, All will be good. I would be
your sweet heart and soul if You wish to be on it Ways. Alberto, you
know, I dreamt to find the Prince in the childhood, with Which I can
go at the end of the earth. Only later, after many years I Has
understood: in a real life I cannot meet the prince, only in dream….
There are NO ideal men. But very much like ideal, which It is
necessary for You, You can find. I can tell to You, that You are The
man of my dreams… I cannot explain a love origin. I cannot explain
why The woman reaches for the man. And I cannot explain, why the man
reaches for the woman. It Occurs at subconscious level. Alberto, I know,
that You feel something to me. I feel, that my heart is opened for
You. I require You very much. I not I represent my life without your
letters. I know, that I wish to give You all my Tenderness which
during long time I saved in me. Excitement which torments me While I
wait for your letters every day. Feeling which fills everyone Corner
of my heart. Each step by which I do is safe, because I feel You round
me. You Are my dream, You – my angel, You – my soul, You – my life!
And I want, that You knew, that I never felt Like it before. You
decorate my days and give to me Force to continue to struggle every
day for You. You have shown me the deepest Emotions and feelings which
I held in me so long. I feel that ours Relations with You develop
which in what more.. It so raises my mood. I I do not know, how I
will do without your letters… I every day with impatience I wait
your letters. I always worry, when I see your letter in inbox.

I wish to ask You Alberto. What will we make further? I think, that we
should To undertake some steps… As I cannot, I cannot sustain long
dialogue Through letters.

Every day I understand, that You take more and more a place in my
heart. I During long time there was one. And our dialogue becomes more
than simple dialogue. I am so happy, that have met You! You seem to me
the man of my dream. And I very much I want, that my dream was carried
out…Alberto, please think of it. I will wait for yours Letters… Just
as always.

Gulnaz dreaming of You…

carta 10:

Hi my heart and my soul Alberto !
At this moment I am very happy. I got your letter. I miss you. I think
a lot about you. I could not write to you sooner because of my work
Every day I am getting more and more I think about you. You my dream..
I am grateful to God that he helped me to find you. When I found your
profile on the site, then to me that something happened and I decided
to write to you. Now I know that it was a sign to meet you. Perhaps my
destiny awaits you. I believe in it! I think that you also are my
prince whom I so long sought. I’m seriously telling you about it. I
hope that these words will not be a shock to you. I want you to know
everything that I feel for you. It is a pity that now I can not take
your hand and kiss you. I just send you my virtual kiss…kissss

I think I have good news for us. I do not know maybe it will not be so
happy for you. Yesterday in our company profits from the people
committee (State Supervision). They did a check of the building of our
company. They gave us very bad results. The building is located where
our company is to be closed for repairs. Since our building is in
bad condition. Today my boss told me that our company will be closed
for 2-3 months. Many people from our firm will be sent on leave.
Including me. 12-14 days, our company will be closed for repairs. I
regret the fact that now I will not work. I would be hard to use the
Internet to write to you. When I leave from work, then I will not have
access to the Internet. It also made me sad. Alberto, I was so afraid
that I might lose you. I imagined that I should spend this vacation in
my home between four walls. I imagined that I should spend a few
months without you and there was a terrible emptiness in my heart. The
whole world around became uninteresting for me and I said to myself:
NO GULNAZ! This – not for me! «Last night I was thinking about us.
About you and me. Alberto, I could not sleep again. I was sad for a long
time because of despair. My thoughts were mixed, like the painting of
waves during a storm, and I like a little boat absorbed the sea of
despair. When I woke up this morning, I calmed down. And I chose goal,
the goal of my whole life – to be with someone who also wants to be
with me. I think it’s a good possibility that we might meet. I decided
to spend my vacation from work with you. Yes, yes Alberto I really want
and hope to meet you now. Alberto Tell me what you think about this?
Please let’s find a way to meet now. I want to see you in real life.
Maybe you can come to Russia? If you can not now come to Russia, I am
ready to come to your country. Please send me all information about
how we can meet.

Of course our relationship is still very short. However, our
correspondence has become very important to me. Through a letter and a
photo can not convey all the feelings and emotions. We must meet you
in real life and see what will happen with our relationship further.
Do you agree with me? We need a real meeting … I’ll be the happiest
girl when I meet you. I hope you understand that I have told you. I
hope that you will not be disappointed. You seem to me very good,
excellent, serious, the most important and reliable person. I’m so
glad that I met you! I’ll be very pleased and happy if we can meet. I
am waiting with great anticipation to receive your letter. Remember
that in 12-14 days, my company closed and I’ll be out of work. But
until that time, I write to you. I do not know when I can write you
again, but I’ll try to write to you as soon as possible.

Now I can not stop thinking about you.
Kissed you.
Take care.
Your Gulnaz!

carta 11:

Hello my dear man Alberto ! On this warm day, I am glad to receive your
letter. Today we have heat. Now the temperature of only – 4. Spring
has come. And at this moment I want more to be with you. I think a lot
about our meeting. I really want to be with you. We must find a way to
meet soon. I would be very difficult if I am alone here without job.
Our company closes july 10. I do not want to stay here without job. I
want to be with you there. Until july 10, I write to you work.

Alberto I ready to come to Spain if you can not meet me in Russia!
My idea of our meeting is to meet within 5-6 weeks. When we meet we
shall see, if we can be together forever. If we want to be together
forever, then we should prepare our plan future life. We will need
to come up as we realize our dream. Alberto if we We live together, then
I can also go to work. Please let’s meet and see what we will with our
relationship further. We must give a chance to be be closer to each
other. This is a real possibility for our meeting. Even if you have to
work during our meeting, I can be in your home and wait for you. I’ll
cook for you, I’ll help you. Weekend with you we can go for a walk or
in the movies. Please tell me if you agree with my ideas?

Alberto I have the following suggestion for our meeting. Now I know if
I can come to your country. I know the cost of the trip and then we’ll
see what we can do. You know my situation with respect to money. I
have a bit of cash. Approximately 100 dollars. But I’ll have extra
money (severance pay, money for holidays) approximately $ 200. I think
Alberto , you realize that it is not – sufficient to Purchase tickets
and documents. I hope you also help me. Tell me you agree with me?
Please write me the name of the airport where you can meet me ..! I
hope that it will not be so difficult to come to your country. I think
that I can freely come to your country as a tourist. Alberto When I
get the info I will let you know.

I hope you will find a way to meet soon. You became very dear to me
and I want to be closer to you. We must meet. We need a real meeting!
My dream is to meet with you. I pray to God that we were together
quickly. I’m ready to be with you. I’m just waiting for you. I really
need you. Maybe you’re the man of my dreams. Please! Please write me
soon. I will try to answer you quickly.
Take care! Gulnaz

carta 12:

Hello my dear Alberto!
Thank you for your letter and your words. Your letter at this point
makes me feel happy. Now I know that the world is a man who waits for
me. I am very happy that now I have you. I really hope that soon we’ll
be able to meet, because I think that you are the person with whom I
can build a relationship and I want to be with you. During those days
I learned about how we can meet. First I work until 15 July . That is,
after July 15 I can get leave from work and come to you. I’m ready for
the arrival to you. I had time to learn about how I come to you. Alberto
I know now about how I come to you. It was not so difficult to come to
your country. Up to 90 days, I can freely come to your country as a
tourist. For I came to you I will need to obtain visa, international
passport and plane ticket. The travel agency will make me all the
documents. The cost of all trips to Madrid will cost 980 dollars.
$ 510 ticket price. In the travel agency we found a ticket on july
18. Company: Siberia Airlines, Here are his data:

Departure: MOSCOW (DOMODEDOVO) 07:25 July 18
Arrival: MADRID (BARAJAS) 10:35 July 18
Airline: Siberia Airlines, Flight: S7 4809, aircraft: Airbus A319
Total travel time: 5 hours. 10 min.
Please check if this is correct!!!

$ 470 worth clearance my passport, visa, road to Moscow, travel agency
services. Alberto, I think that it is not so much for my arrival to you.
We must find way to meet. I can find $ 150. I have $ 50 and tomorrow
I have to pay another $ 100. I beg you to help me with the rest sum of
money. Tell me! Can you help me? need more about 800 $ dollars.
Please help us to be together. If we want to be together we must find
a way to meet. Please write me soon and let me know what you think
about this? I am waiting for your letter. I’ll think of you. I dream
to meet you. Hope that we will be together. Kiss for you.

Your Gulnaz

carta 13:

Hello again my dear man Alberto!
Thank you for your words. First I want to ask you. What happened?
Recently, you wrote me a little letter and not send new photos. Why?
Why are you not answering my letters? Are you ready to meet me? Tell
me honestly! This is a very serious step and you should be ready for
it. Yes, this is good news that you were able to find cheaper ticket.
It costs about $ 200 cheaper than we save. Alberto I really hope that
is July 18th we’ll be together. I’m ready to come to you and start a
new life in Spain with you. But you must be sure that you want to be
with me. Please think about it. Now I would like to pay for my visa
and passport $ 470. If we want to have to be July 18 together, then we
need to hurry to do everything to make before July 18. Alberto Please
tell me you can now send me 350 dollars for my visa and passport? When
my visa and passport will be ready, then we will buy me a plane
ticket. I think that you can buy your ticket at home and send it to
me. I learned this when I go back to the travel agency. Alberto I hope
that we will be together very soon. I’m waiting for you. My working
day is now over and I’ll be going home. I am very tired today. With
thoughts of you and our emergency meeting I will stop this letter.
Take care of yourself. I miss you. Kisssssss
Your Gulnaz

Después de esta carta le dije que había ido a la comisaría de policia para hacerle una invitación directa a venir a España (cosa que se hace para que no tenga problemas en el papeleo del pasaporte) y no me volvió a escribir 😀