Su jefe la ofrece un ascenso por favores . Acoso moral ,mobbing y bullying. Boss oferts a promotion .

Harassment covers every mad behavior that is repeated systematically. It could include physical and psychological uses as well as others ones, with the only intention of causing disgrace, extortion or humiliation among other behaviors always with maliciousness intentions.

La trama de las #noticias es un docudrama que trata de narrar los peligros que podemos correr en internet en primera persona, todos los personajes que aparecen en el documental son actores y nada tienen que ver con las historias que narran.

5% of the workers have at some point used the Internet for damage someone by the delivery of photos, videos etc.

What is the cyberbulling? It’s about the threating, intimidations or attacks against someone’s honor.

The widespread use of the social networks as Twitter and Facebook between the population and its open nature (mainly twitter) makes it easier to commit acts of insults, humiliations and threatings against third parties under an apparent anonymity.

There have already been several courts that have pronounced and sentenced this types of crimes made in social networks by the users.

We should never allow ourselves to be abused, if we can’t deal with the problem alone we must always look for help.

– It is defined as S. harassment every situation, verbal or non-verbal, not whished of a S. nature with the objective of attack the dignity of a person. In particular when an intimidating, hostile, degrading and humiliating or offensive environment has been created.
According to the researches 1 in 10 female workers has suffer in some degree S. harassment in the job.

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